Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Get your Boots Wet!

Yeah, I know, it's expensive.

You love horses, and it seems so out of reach. But really it's not.

Here's what you need to do: GET INVOLVED!

You don't need to own a horse to love a horse. Do you know how many outlets there are for the horse lover? Allow me to show you the way....

Horse Expos - Every state in the USA has a Horse related Expo or Show at some point in the year. Look at the links I recommend to the right for a few that I love. Since I live in WI, two of my favorites are the Midwest Horse Fair and Horse-A-Rama. Generally these events are at the end of the week and/or over the weekend. They're inexpensive ($5-$10) for admission.

Friesian Heritage Horse Group - Horse-A-Rama 2010

There will be TONs of eye candy for the horse lover at these events. Talk to people. Ask questions. Be a sponge! Get as much info as you can possibly handle!

Take this a step further. Call the expo organizer and ask if there are any groups attending that need volunteers. This is a wonderful way to meet people and get to bond with their amazing horses. And you never know...they might give you a pony ride. Horse people love to share their passion. (Hence this blog!)

Horse Rescues - There are so many horses that are abused, neglected and forgotten. Thankfully there are great people who put their time, energy and funds into saving these gentle souls. Guess what...they want and NEED your help.

You know, I'd love to link you to some worthy rescue sites. But how do I choose? Google: Horse Adoption (Your State) and contact these places to volunteer your time. Bonding with a horse that just wants to be loved is so rewarding. They're like lost children and need your attention!


United States Pony Club & 4-H Horse Project (this one happens to be WI) - Even if you're an adult you can still get involved as a helper. There are open shows that need organizers and volunteers. Jump judges, runners, scribes, scorers, grooms....don't know what any of this stuff is? That's okay, they'll help you learn!

Take Riding Lessons - There are so many reputable trainers out there who just love taking on new students...of any age. Genterally lessons are between $30 - $55 per hour. Make sure to find a barn that has happy horses. A happy horse makes for a good ride!

Tip: Ask how many times each lesson horse is ridden per day. If it's more than two times per day that's too much.

Here's why: Imagine you are asked to carry around a bouncy toddler and do EXACTLY what they want for one hour. Though they are a very well behaved and sweet child, they tend to kick and pull your hair or accidentally poke you in the eye. This might get old. Horses can't tell you when they've had enough. They are generally a hardy lot that will put up with WAY more than we humans ever would.

Join a Yahoo Chat Group - There are a multitude of horse related groups on Yahoo. Because I love the Friesian and Friesian Crosses I focus on these chat groups. But you can search for whatever horse related topic or breed you're interested in.

As you can see, you don't need to own a horse to love a horse. Get out there, get involved...get your boots wet in the horse world!
Don't tell Jason I put this up on my blog.


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