Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Horse Stories - "Miracle at the Grave"

Thank you Patty for sending me this wonderful story! This makes me want to go hug my horse!

They haven't left us...they watch over us like angels.

Crystal's Chip was a world famous white Missouri Fox Trotter trick horse. As a stallion he was a regular in the Macy Day parade as well as the Rose Bowl. We rescued him years later in deplorable conditions. He was one of the kindest horse's I've ever had the privilege to care for. My friend adopted him from my rescue barn and they began a close and much needed friendship for both. 
Chip suffered from chronic laminitis and my friend did all she could for the year and a half they had each other. On a cold, windy January Saturday, she made the selfless decision to end his suffering.
My friend had a very hard time after Chip's death, very depressed and second guessing her choice as we all do at those times. Nothing we did or said could console her. 
On her Saturday morning visit, we walked back to the graves as we have done for years. My friend always brought apples and carrots for all of the three graves. On this particular visit, it was a cold, crisp March day. Not a cloud in the sky. As always, she would put her hand in the snow, and make a hand print in the snow on top of Chip's grave. 
As she bent over and put her hand on his grave, it began to softly snow. I looked up and realized that it was only snowing on her! I moved away and stood by the other graves and no snow! She moved to the other graves and nothing. She went back to Chip's grave and again it began snowing. 
We were both silent, not wanting to leave and both understanding what was happening. That in his way, this dear sweet horse was letting his friend know that he was okay. 
It never snowed again at Chip's grave, but that snow helped her heart heal.
Patty Simpkins
Greengate Rescue Farm 


  1. This is Annemarie, the woman who adopted Crystal's Chip from Patty and Green Gate Rescue Farm. I'm thrilled that the "Miracle of the Snow" found its way onto this site. I do have to correct an error in my good friend Patty's story though: the miracle happened only one week after Chip's death in January, not in March as she stated. Anyone who has ever lost someone knows that the first few weeks are absolute torture without your beloved. Having the miracle of the snow happen only one week later sealed the fact in my mind that I did the right thing for Chip, that he was no longer in any pain, and that he is now free to run and run as much as his sweet heart desires. I always told Chip that I wanted to see him in the snow, and this was his way of letting me see. The moral of the story is, miracles do happen. We are connected to life beyond our time here on earth. Keep your eyes open and believe.

  2. I also adopted my horse, Patron, from Patty's rescue. He was scared, underweight and had no muscle tone from being confined to a 10 x 10 pen (he is 16.3!)for a year, due to his owner not paying the board. He had his issues, but he has turned out to be a great horse! Thanks Patty!