Monday, August 2, 2010

Pony Sweep Steed

I have mixed feelings on some of the equestrian disciplines. I could write at length about the mistreatment of race horses and the plight of the rodeo bronc. Let's face it there are bad people doing bad things to horses in EVERY discipline. But, that's not what this post is about.

This post is about a change of heart I've had while taking a closer look at what it means to be a Pony Sweep Steed. In other words, a pony ride pony. You see them at your local fair, carnival or child's birthday party, walking around in a circle carrying laughing and sometimes screaming children.

Happy & Healthy Jo-Don Farm Ponies!

At first glance I thought, "What a horrible life. I can't imagine walking around in circles all day." But a friend of mine whom I trust, and whose opinion I value gave me another way to look at these noble horses. Carla wrote the poem you see below and works the Pony Sweep at a place called Jo-Don Farms in Franksville, WI. Don Meyers, the owner of this educational and recreational animal farm has gone out of his way to save ponies that would have been slaughtered for meat and given them a new life.

I would like to interject one piece of advice here: All pony rides are not created equally. Please support the pony rides that have happy and healthy looking ponies!

Jo-Don Farm Ponies Out on Pasture - Great to See!
 Pony Sweep Steed - by Carla Fitzgerald

I'm a Pony Sweep Pony
Please don't look down on me
for my job is very important. 

I am the noble mount who marches
kings and queens in their royal processions. 
I am the brave stallion who charges the 
battlefield with his knight.
I gallop windswept plains with my
best friend the cowboy. 

I am the one that carries the jockey to a
victory in the winners circle.
I am the ethereal winged one who soars 
through moonlit skies with the fairy.
And I am the gallant one-horned beauty 
who safely escorts the princess through
the primeval forest. 

I am Spiderman's favorite sidekick.
One time I was a zebra and anther time...
I was purple.

My job is very important. 
I am a Pony Sweep Steed.

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